Ask Me Anything about Loving Female Led Relationships where The Woman's Happiness Is the Priority In the Relationship

Te-Erika Patterson
Jul 8, 2018

I am Te-Erika Patterson, a Mental Health and Personal Success Teacher and Relationship Coach. I help couples develop Loving Female Led Relationships (Loving FLRs) where the woman's happiness is the center of the relationship and the man willingly supports her decisions, goals, and desires in every way that he can.

The basic ingredient for ALL Loving Female Led Relationships is to HONOR A WOMAN'S CHOICES.

Couples in Loving FLRs work together as a team to achieve the vision that she has for the relationship. She is the expressed leader of the relationship and he enjoys supporting her leadership. She is the captain and he is the first mate and they are both gleefully happy to work together in this arrangement.

Women in Loving FLRs find relief from the pressures of having to subdue their leadership skills and strength just to make a man feel better about himself. Men in Loving FLRs use their egos and their strength to empower the women they love by giving their full support in finances, time, attention and skills.

Women in Loving FLRs become even more Powerful when they express what they want directly so that their partners can know how to make them happy. Men in Loving FLRs enjoy the freedom of knowing exactly how to please their partner instead of having to guess and apologize for unknown offenses.

Fun Facts About Loving Female Led Relationships

  • More men than women crave Loving FLRs
  • Men express that they feel happier when they are sure their partner is completely satisfied
  • Women can establish Loving FLRs without being the primary breadwinner in the home
  • Most people who desire Loving FLRs understand that life is too short to play a role in a relationship that does not bring them true satisfaction
  • Men in Loving FLRs do not feel like wimps, they feel like HEROs for being able to help make a woman's dreams come true
  • You can recognize a woman in a Loving FLR by how confident she is in the world 
  • Women in Loving Female Led Relationships will never degrade or disrespect their partners
  • Loving FLRs do not always have to be romantic. They can be established in the workplace
  • Men feel proud to stand beside a woman with high standards and even more proud that he can meet and exceed those standards
  • Women in Loving FLRs do not dominate men, they simply know their worth, set their standards and accept nothing less
  • Women in Loving FLRs achieve more in life than women who are not because they do not have to battle for support at home
  • Establishing Loving FLRs will be the gateway for embracing female leadership in our society
  • Establishing Loving FLRs will reduce sexual crimes against women 
  • Children benefit greatly from participating in a Loving Female Led Household.

I have written 3 books on the topic of Loving Female Led Relationships - How to Love a Powerful Woman, She Wants: A Loving Female Led Relationship and the Loving FLR COUPLES WORKBOOK. 

Learn more about Loving Female Led Relationships at LovingFLR.Com or ASK ME ANYTHING!

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What are some of the different ways for a leading woman to create a solid relationship foundation from the beginning?
Jul 15, 4:04AM EDT0

If a woman wants to create a firm foundation for a Loving FLR she should first create a life that demonstrates that she can give herself anything that she could ask for from a partner. This way she has the confidence not to accept mediocrity from him. Secondly, to gain his trust and respect, she must demonstrate that when making decisions that impact both of them, she has his best interests in mind. A man in a Loving FLR must feel SAFE with a woman in order for him to let down his guard and freely give. When a woman demonstrates that she is caring and kind and wants him to be happy and fulfilled, he will release his inner Super Hero and attempt to give her the world. 

Remember, in a Loving FLR, he ensures that she is happy while SHE ensures that they are both happy together. 

Jul 15, 4:13AM EDT0
How can women determine if a guy has relationship potential before you invest in him?
Jul 14, 3:47PM EDT0

I would look for the same qualities that you respect most about yourself.

Jul 14, 9:32PM EDT0
How can women smartly lead a relationship without having the men in their lives realize that they are being led?
Jul 14, 2:21AM EDT0

The Loving FLR concept isn't about being manipulative. The couple in a Loving FLR willingly agree to participate in this relationship style. If you have to manipulate a man into supporting you, you are not a true leader. People want to follow and support a true leader willingly.

To create a Loving FLR you must set your standards for how men must interact with you and then accept nothing less. You must be willing to walk away and lose the relationship rather than compromise what you want. 

Jul 14, 8:35AM EDT0
Do you plan on writing more books on loving FLR? Who are the readers who love to read your books?
Jul 13, 7:33PM EDT0

I would love to write more books about Loving FLR. There are many ways to teach this concept and I enjoy creating them and sharing with my audience. I began writing about Loving FLR about 4 years ago. I have a dedicated following of subscribers who appreciate my work. My audience is primarily (80%) men but more women are joining each day. 

Jul 13, 7:40PM EDT0
What sort of relationship do you want for yourself? A regular or a loving FLR and can you share the reason for your choice?
Jul 13, 10:24AM EDT0

At the moment, I am not interested in a relationship. That type of responsibility would be a distraction unless the person was truly capable of empowering me in a Loving FLR. Right now I just want to meet my goals for my life. 

Jul 13, 1:13PM EDT0
Who do you consider as the relationship goals in the 21st century and why?
Jul 13, 3:05AM EDT0

I cannot answer this question because I am not intimately involved with any public couples to know them that well. Anyone can smile for the cameras and say the right things and have a completely different lifestyle at home. 

Jul 13, 3:10AM EDT0
How does a Powerful women feel about a man’s financial status?
Jul 13, 2:58AM EDT0

A Powerful Woman is capable of sustaining herself financially. She holds no strict standards about a man's financial status. She only requires that he is able to sustain himself financially without needing her. 

Jul 13, 3:03AM EDT0
What's the difference between Femdom and Female Led relationships?
Jul 13, 2:38AM EDT0

The difference between Femdom and LOVING Female Led Relationships is the focus. FEMDOM focuses on controlling the man and servicing his kinks, while Loving Female Led Relationships focus on supporting and empowering the woman. 

A Loving FLR does not depend on kink at all.  Kink or dominance is not required. A Loving FLR is all about making sure the woman is happy. Read more about the 2 basic types of Female Led Relationships.

Last edited @ Jul 13, 4:09AM EDT.
Jul 13, 2:46AM EDT0
What is the most important thing a man can do to earn a Powerful woman’s trust?
Jul 12, 2:27PM EDT0

The most important thing that a man can do to earn a Powerful Woman's trust is to honor your word EVERY SINGLE TIME. When you keep your promises, show up when you agree to and are consistent in your support of a Powerful Woman, she will treasure you. Every Powerful Woman benefits when a Gentleman proves he can be counted on.

Read How to Love a Powerful Woman, for more encouragement in your journey to love. 

Jul 12, 8:26PM EDT0
How to stop feeling ashamed of being submissive and wanting a loving FLR?
Jul 12, 10:34AM EDT1

What is causing your shame? Is it the anticipation of how others will perceive you? The only person whose opinion counts is the woman that you will love and support. SHE won't be ashamed of you. SHE won't make you feel inferior. SHE will cherish you for who you are. Only a GREAT MAN can be a support to a Powerful Woman. When you are chosen for such an honor, you will be PROUD. 

Jul 12, 8:23PM EDT0

Forgive me if this questio has been asked before... I was reading the interesting facts you listed above and was wondering where they come from. They're all things I never really thought about.  Do these facts come from your own personal experiences working with couples?

Jul 12, 7:10AM EDT0

Absolutely. All of the facts listed above come from my own personal experience as a Relationship Coach, blogger and Matchmaker.

I interviewed dozens of couples in Loving Female Led Relationships for my blog, coached couples and singles through my relationship coaching program AND offered multiple surveys for members of my community and random readers to understand who they are and what they believe over the course of 4 years. I have consolidated the most consistent attitudes and behaviors in my books and created a pretty solid profile of my audience which is how I know how to identify proper candidates for a Loving FLR and to use these insights to connect singles as a Loving FLR Matchmaker.

Jul 12, 7:17AM EDT0
If a man is not physically attracted to a woman, should he still try to romantically pursue her in order to cultivate those feelings? If so, for how long: until it becomes unwise or even hurtful?
Jul 12, 3:54AM EDT0

Why would a man pursue a woman he does not find attractive? It's not a requirement to be in a relationship. He should be single until he meets someone he is attracted to. 

Jul 12, 3:56AM EDT1
Are there any list of rules and regulations in Loving Female Led Relationships?
Jul 11, 8:01PM EDT0

A Loving Female Led Relationship is defined by the woman in the relationship. She presents her preferences for the way she desires to be loved and the lifestyle she wants to live with her partner and he willingly supports her. It wouldn't be a Loving Female Led Relationship if I, or anyone else, were to define it.

I do offer help with establishing your Loving FLR in the 3 books I have written about Loving FLRs.  They offer guidance but they don't decide for you. It's always up to the woman and every woman is different. There are no set rules. 

Jul 11, 8:48PM EDT0

Whhats your opinion on FLR's

Jul 11, 1:48PM EDT0

I have written 3 books on the topic. You can read them or find my thoughts on my blog LovingFLR.Com.

Jul 11, 2:01PM EDT0
In your experience, in what ways has technology changed the way people date today? Do these trends encourage or concern you?
Jul 11, 9:57AM EDT0
Is there a thing called Loving Male Led Relationships and if so, what's the difference between Loving Female Led Relationships and Loving Male Led Relationships?
Jul 11, 12:47AM EDT0

Religions and our society typically assume that ALL heterosexual relationships should be male led. The converse of a Loving FLR would be a Loving MLR where the woman does everything she can to support the man's vision for the relationship and she does so happily! Sound familiar? 

Jul 11, 12:57AM EDT1
What should a female do if she is not happy in a relationship and doesn't really feel a need of being with a partner? Can she survive alone?
Jul 11, 12:30AM EDT0

Hell yes! Not only can she survive alone, she can THRIVE alone! In fact, no woman needs to consider herself to be ALONE because she has friends, family and other people in her life who appreciate her. The only thing that is missing is a committed relationship with another person. Women don't NEED THAT to live and breathe! Women can have lovers that she sees whenever she feels in need and women can go on dates when she feels the need for companionship.

A woman who is single has ALL THE FREEDOM to create the life she wants for herself without the distraction of another person's neediness. Although movies, family and friends may lead you to believe otherwise, MARRIAGE is not a requirement for having a happy life! You don't have to be sad because you are single. You just have more space to have adventures and make all of your dreams come true! You don't need a man to do that. In fact, it's better if you learn to do those things alone.

Truthfully, men are magnetized towards women who don't need them. Set your life up where you don't need a man and you will never settle for less than you deserve in a relationship again. Your happiness is waiting on the other side of that man who is dragging you down. You can have a great life as a single woman. All you have to do is choose your next adventure and LEAP!

Last edited @ Jul 11, 12:42AM EDT.
Jul 11, 12:39AM EDT1
What if woman's choices are not honoured in a relationship but she is given an ample amount of love and respect? How healthy is it? What does she need to do in such a situation?
Jul 10, 6:45PM EDT0

If a woman feels loved and respected in her relationship but her choices and desires are sometimes denied by her partner,  this is fine if she believes he knows best for her or she can do without the things she requests. By definition this is NOT a Loving FLR.

It's a common question, actually. I would ask a woman in this situation- Are you happy? If she says YES, then she does not need to change a thing. Loving FLRs are not required for all relationships. A woman can still be happy in a relationship that is not a Loving FLR. Loving FLRs are desired and created if both mutually agree.

If she says NO, that she wants a more devoted partner, then she must TELL HIM EXACTLY what she wants. If he says No to her, she must be willing to walk away. If a woman is not willing to walk away from a relationship when her desires are dismissed or ignored, she cannot form a Loving FLR. Her desperation cancels out her ability to lead. 

Jul 10, 7:00PM EDT0
Where do you find a man willing to be in this loving female-led relationships?
Jul 10, 5:44PM EDT0

If a woman wants a Loving FLR she can REQUIRE one from the next man she meets OR she can sign up for the FLR Matchmaking Service and I will introduce her to many men who want one. 

Jul 10, 5:48PM EDT0
Do you see more and more people wanting to follow Loving Female Led Relationships? If so, why?
Jul 10, 4:13PM EDT0

I only see more people wanting to follow Loving FLRs because that is what I teach. My audience grows daily. Developing a Loving FLR is special because the man must be strong enough to admit that he wants to support instead of lead and the woman must desire to be a leader.

I personally believe that there are more men interested in Loving FLRs than would admit it. Leadership skills and the desire to lead are rare. Most PEOPLE do not want to lead and would rather follow someone else's lead. Men are expected to lead but secretly most do not want to. This leads them to seek a Loving FLR. 

Jul 10, 4:22PM EDT0
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