Hello I'm Chris your AMA Love expert.. LOve moves in mysterious ways

Christian Wang
Oct 24, 2017

Love? What is Love? Love is an affection of individuals which you have feelings for one another. Love is experienced through being be able to hold simultaneous truths. The infinite wisdom of the intelligence of the universe created us as imperfect creatures with plenty of work to do on ourselves. Love is not dependent on perfection. If it were dependent on perfection, it would mean that only a perfect power way above reality is deserving of love, since every single human is created with problems to work out over time. Love is holding space for imperfections. Love is enternity, but there is no forever in love.



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Love moves in mysterious ways

Oct 26, 12:49PM EDT1

How old are you?

Oct 23, 1:58PM EDT0

Hello I'm 26

Oct 24, 4:15PM EDT0

What makes you an expert on Love?

Oct 23, 1:01PM EDT0

Hello nice question. I have a lot of experience and have met different kinds of people and situations. I also helped many of my friends and given advices on their relationship .

Oct 24, 4:16PM EDT0

Where are you from?

Oct 23, 11:58AM EDT0

In from Taiwan now residing in the Philippines

Oct 24, 4:17PM EDT0

How old were you when you first fell in love?

Oct 23, 9:56AM EDT0

I was 12 when I first fall inlove..

Oct 24, 4:19PM EDT0

Do you believe in unconditional love? How difficult can it get?

Oct 23, 9:52AM EDT0

Yes I believe in unconditional love. Where the best part of a relationship are unexpected and unconditional.

Oct 24, 4:20PM EDT0

Are love and forgiveness linked?

Oct 23, 8:56AM EDT0

Yes love and forgiveness are linked. Because if you really love that person even if they commit the biggest mistake in their life you will still forgive them and accept who they are because of love. I myself have experience that before when my girlfriend cheated on me but I really love her no matter what I still forgive her. Heaven knows but at the end of the day we just separated. Even GOD can forgive sinners because he love us. Why can't we human being forgive. There is a bond connection between love and forgiveness. 

Oct 24, 4:24PM EDT0

Are you some sort of counselor?

Oct 23, 7:34AM EDT0

yes it can be

Oct 23, 7:49AM EDT0

Yes somewhat similar. 

Oct 24, 4:25PM EDT0

Why do you think arranged marriages have a much higher success rate than others?

Oct 23, 7:01AM EDT1

I think no. It depends on your belief and traditional. Also depends on where you follow and go for your future love. Either follow your mind and instinct or follow where your heart dictates and guide you. The most important thing is go for the decision where you will live happily ever after.

Oct 24, 4:34PM EDT0

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Oct 23, 5:38AM EDT0

Yes I do believe love at first sight. Because I myself can be a great example and experience of being inlove at first sight with this girl on my picture beside me.

Oct 23, 7:50AM EDT0

How long do you think love can last over long distances?

Oct 23, 3:21AM EDT0

I think love can last in a long distance relationship it depends on how you handle your relationship. I have experience long distance relationship, like all my relationships I've been thru are all long distance relationship. The most important thing is to have trust and faith with each other and have communication. There is no space can separate betwwen two lovers, distance is just a number of miles away but the love you have for one another is intact and solid.

Oct 23, 7:53AM EDT0

Where are our emotions formed & stored?

Oct 23, 3:15AM EDT0

Where's a good place to start when searching for the love of your life?

Oct 23, 1:37AM EDT0

We can't tell for a exact place where to find love of your life. True love will just come and go. It will just happen at the right time and the exact situation. Unplanned, unconditional, unexpected. "The Best Relationship are unexpected and unconditional love"

Oct 24, 4:37PM EDT0

Are you currently in love?

Oct 22, 10:38PM EDT0

Is it possible to love an inanimate object?

Oct 22, 8:04PM EDT0

Yes it is possible

Oct 24, 4:25PM EDT0

Do you think there is truly any love as strong as that between a mother and her child?

Oct 22, 5:15PM EDT0

It depends on the situations. But the mother and son connection of love is very intact and strong. "BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER"

Oct 24, 4:27PM EDT0

What makes the perfect loving relationship (not necessarily romantic)?

Oct 22, 4:03PM EDT0

A perfect loving relationship is when both of you have faith, trust, love for one another. You both will be there for each other no matter what happens. There is no such thing as perfect relationship but if you both will do hand in hand face all trials and obstacles you meet in your relationship that is the greatest and strongest relationship you will have.

Oct 24, 4:29PM EDT0

Is it really important to love yourself first before you can truly love another?

Oct 22, 3:49PM EDT0

What is your mother language?

Oct 22, 12:33PM EDT0
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