AMA Tokens

What are AMA Tokens?

AMA Tokens are the local AMAfeed currency. This is our way to show the appreciation to the active members of our community so you get tokens for most of the activity you have on AMAfeed. You can also purchase AMA Tokens from your account or when creating an AMA at $0.10 per token.


How can I earn AMA Tokens?

Here is a breakdown of what activities on AMAfeed can earn you tokens.

*for AMA Rank read here.

Action AMA Rank AMA Tokens
Fill in your AMAfeed profile +25 +15
Receive an upvote for a post +10 +1
Receive an upvote for a comment +5 +1
Post an AMA +1 +5
Request an AMA +1 +5
Ask a question +1 +5
Reply to a question +1 +1
Upvote a comment +1 +1
Upvote a post +1 +1
Mention your AMA in a blog/site +1 +25
Include your AMA in your newsletter +1 +20
Share your AMA on social media +1 +10
Extend AMA live time +10 -30

NB: The following activities we can not automatically track to assign you the tokens you have earnt, for those you need to let us know via email to so that we can credit your account.

  • Mention your/an AMA on your blog/site;
  • Include your/an AMA in your newsletter (min 500 subscribers);
  • Share your/an AMA on your social media (min 500 followers);


Where can I check my AMA Tokens balance?

To check your AMA Tokens balance or/and to purchase tokens click on your profile (top right, make sure you are logged in) then select the « Tokens » option from the drop down. You will see the following screen with your balance, activity and the « Get more tokens » option to the right.

AMA Tokens Activity screen


How do I activate a promo coupon for AMA Tokens?

Please note services can be purchased to active AMAs only!

If you have a coupon, login, click the button top right, with your profile picture, you will see a drop down.

link to my account

Pick "Tokens" from the options. You will land on the Tokens page. There is a link above your transactions history, click and you will see the form where you submit the code to have the tokens credited to your account.

add tokens link


What are my AMA Tokens worth?

Now that you know how you can get your tokens let’s get to the fun part - how you can spend them!:)

Here is a complete list of services you can purchase with your tokens to enhance your AMA experience.

You can see a more detailed explanation of each here.

Benefit Description Tokens
Blog post on viral sites Inclusion of your AMA in blog post/s on viral sites, specialised blogs and outlets, depending on the AMA topic. -300
Links in AMA The links in your AMA will be clickable. This improves the traffic to your site. -100
Add to AMA Calendar Adds your AMA to the AMA Calendar tab visible to all visitors and members of the site for extra visibility and attendance to your AMA. -50
Custom visuals with quotes from your AMA We create unique visuals with quotes from your AMA to maximise the viral effect. Those can be picked by you or our social media managers. The cost is for up to 5 visuals, those will be presented to you in all relevant sizes for the 3 social networks we use. -50
Short contributor post This can be a stand-alone service or go with your AMA - a featured post linking to your site/blog. -150
View AMA stats Gives you the ability to see statistics for your AMA such as number of views, subscribers, total number of comments etc. -50
Blog post inclusion of AMA Inclusion of your AMA in our local blog. -150
Include AMA in AMAfeed Newsletter Inclusion of your AMA in our Newsletter (40k+ subscribers) -50
Suggested questions - 30 Adding 30 suggested questions to the "Questions you may want to ask" feature for your AMA to increase engagement and keep the discussion on topic. This is ideal for very narrow topic AMAs where you want to demonstrate your knowledge. -25
Suggested questions - 20 Adding 20 suggested questions to the "Questions you may want to ask" feature for your AMA to increase engagement and keep the discussion on topic. -20
Suggested questions - 10 Adding 10 suggested questions to the "Questions you may want to ask" feature for your AMA to increase engagement and keep the discussion on topic. -10
Extend AMA live time You keep getting question after the set default time of the AMA running? That is great, continue the fun, just add this service and let us know how long you want to extend your AMA for! -30
Custom visuals for social media promotion of your AMA We create unique visuals to promote your AMA that are used across our social media. You can use those in your promotion too, we will send you all relevant format and sizes. -50
Custom short gif/mp4 animation for your AMA promo We create a short animation to promote your AMA. Can be a gif or mp4 format depending the platform it will be used for. -50
Share your AMA in an Instagram Story Your AMA is shared in an Instagram Story, that gives you extra exposure and an outbound link to your AMA. -50
Multiple AMAs (each) Ability to host more than 1 AMA at a time. -10
Share AMA on Facebook 121k followers Share your AMA on our Facebook account to increase exposure -30
Share AMA on Instagram 54,7k followers Share your AMA on our Instagram account to increase exposure -30
Share AMA on Twitter 32,7k followers Share your AMA on our Twitter account to increase exposure -30
AMA Testimonial Include a testimonial about your AMA experience on our Testimonials page with a link to your site. -50

NB: Please note for some of the services listed above the AMA needs to be finished for those to be delivered - for example Inclusion of your AMA in a blog - our bloggers need to use the answers you give to the questions to compile the post so until those are submitted we can not proceed with writing and publishing a blog. You will be notified via email once your blog is posted.


How do I purchase services for my AMA?

You will be asked to add services to your AMA at the last step of the AMA creation wizard. If you have not added any services at that point but want to add some make sure you are logged in, click the « Options » button next to your AMA title/timer then pick the « Promotion » option from the drop down menu that will show.

tokens promo

There you can check the services you want to add and proceed to purchase them. If you don’t have enough tokens those services will remain pending and you can come back and activate them after you earn or purchase more tokens.


Can I cheat to get tokens?

Well you sure can try! We do however have moderators and a very loyal community so any suspicious activity will be quickly reported and caught. If you simulate activity on the site, post irrelevant questions or fake upvotes or any kind of crazy stuff like that, you will be blocked from using the site again. So be nice!

If you have any questions about your AMA Tokens please feel free to contact us.

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