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Levita Galinsky
Jul 11, 2018

As a lifestyle journalist, I have written countless articles at Glossy Cover and The Good Men Project on topics pertaining to love and self-care.

In my background experience growing up performing with New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center, I have gained more of a spiritual appreciation of life and how we create our artistic expression through every experience we come across. 

For my daily updates feel free to connect with me on Twitter and Facebook and set up email sessions if you need any guidance on your journey :)

And for anyone wanting to connect to my upcoming book "long distance love" simply send me an email and anyone willing to give it a quick book review will receive a free copy!

xoxo, Levita 


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Can you expand more on how people can create their artistic expressions through every experience they have?
Jul 13, 2:59PM EDT0

Your sense of artistry is all about your essence of creativity, and how you choose to carry yourself. Creativity is the access portal of every experience you have, so it is a natural way of expression.

For instance, if you are having a discussion with someone which turns into an argument, you can use your creative abilities to navigate out of the drama into more neutral grounds.

Another example is if you work at a job that is entirely business oriented without that sense of artistry, feel free to introduce your authentic creativity to encourage joy. Whether that is creating weekend group get-togethers outdoors or monthly trips to a museum, your efforts of getting people together will not go unnoticed.

The main thing to remember is to take your own unique personality and creativity and expand upon it to bring more unity and joy to all.  

I wrote an article connecting to your question that may offer some more guidance. It is called 5 life lessons I learned as a ballerina. Check it out!

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Jul 15, 10:54AM EDT0
What have been the challenges of writing your first book? Are you enjoying the process?
Jul 13, 2:25PM EDT0

Organizing thoughts into clear formats mainly. It is a fun project and overall process because nobody is telling me how to write or what to write. It is all my own authentic self coming out of the heart and that is the best feeling.

For snippets of my poems check out my Twitter!

Jul 13, 2:39PM EDT0
How long does a spiritual awakening take?
Jul 13, 7:36AM EDT0

Each journey is so different, it all depends on what your soul contract is and what you came here to learn. Some people experience one moment of drastic change, while others may go through waves of it. That is the beginning of the awakening process, going through massive shifts physically and energetically.

Check out my Twitter for more guidance on the awakening journey.

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Jul 13, 10:06AM EDT0
How do you hold on to your identity when you are dating? Do you have any tips?
Jul 13, 5:56AM EDT0

Here are some tips on how to hold on to your identity when dating:

- Your awareness of yourself will be your constant guide towards love and happiness.

- Being present will provide many positive aspects. You can be raw and authentic, as this is the natural approach to living. It will additionally provide an overall enhanced experience.

- At the end of the day, do what makes your soul happy. Go to places where you feel most comfortable, and follow your heart.

- *Main thing to remember* Be aware that parts of your identity may be connected to belief systems that includes limitations when it comes to the reality of true love.

I wrote an article covering that same topic for The Good Men Project, feel free to give it a quick read for more guidance and check out my Twitter for daily tips on love and happiness! 

Jul 15, 11:16AM EDT0
What are the most common symptoms of a spiritual awakening?
Jul 13, 3:28AM EDT0

Each individual has their own realizations and experiences, but a lot of common symptoms of a spiritual awakening may start out with:

-moments of feeling lost/empty/depressed/confused

-sensitive to people/energy/situations

-cycles of processing deep wounds of betrayal/sadness/loneliness

-seeing people's illusions/false masks of manipulation clearly

-uncovering your entire ego and finding the divine essence within

-reconnecting back to your own inner truths through certain people/passions/creativity

For more guidance on the spiritual awakening send me an email for sessions and check out my Twitter for daily updates.

Jul 13, 9:38AM EDT0

What can one do to get insight into one's current state of spirituality?

Jul 12, 12:55PM EDT0

You will notice that someone is "spiritual" if they are authentic and transparent. If you are looking to become spiritual, simply start living your life through honest intentions and conscious choices. If you want to understand your own journey more specifically and uncover your deeper truths with the spiritual awakening feel free to email me for sessions and here is a helpful article I wrote on how to create that spiritual balance within called How To Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies.

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Jul 13, 10:15AM EDT0
Have you experienced “the oneness”? What does it feel like?
Jul 12, 9:15AM EDT0

We are the oneness. Everytime we feel our hearts awaken we reach that oneness more and more. It feels like purity. It feels like the soul is connected to something magical beyond explanation.

I wrote A letter to the child within you and How to balance your feminine and masculine energies, which may provide some insight into the heart awakening and in understanding the oneness and achieving this state of being.

Jul 15, 11:30AM EDT0
What are the signs of a successful relationship? What factors determine success?
Jul 12, 8:52AM EDT0

I wrote these articles for GlossyCover that may offer some guidance: Secret to a healthy argument in your relationship or marriage and 7 Great Ways To Connect With Your Partner.

Sometimes communicating with each other is a good factor towards determining a successsful relationship, and other times just a simple look at each other can melt away any insecurities within the relationship. I guess it all depends on how deep of a soul connection it really is.

Mutual understanding and respect is probably a pretty good factor. In love, when we are with a partner, we are energetically merging with someone that matches our frequency level of love, compassion, and desire. So if we want a long term successful match, learn to be honest with your truth, and if your partner is honest with their truth, and it matches yours, that is when magic starts to happen. 

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Jul 12, 3:08PM EDT0

If most relationships end, why would anyone subject themselves to such heartbreak?

Jul 12, 3:41AM EDT0

I wrote an article for the Good Men Project called Is it better to be Heartless or Heartbroken, check it out!

If we see endings and beginnings in things, why do we bother do anything?

Time is not linear, it is cyclincal, continuous, evolving into something more every moment. How we choose to live life will mirror to us what experiences we need for self-growth and self-discovery.

Heartbreak is a tool for everyone and it is an opportunity to dig deeper and heal any hurt/pain/shame/blame surrounding love and loss.  We all must go through these waves until we recognize our hearts are so divine that our heart chakra will open up to new opportunities where realities are able to be co-created and manifested once we are fully aligned to our organic divine essence.  

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Jul 12, 2:46PM EDT0
What should you do if you are in a relationship where you feel suffocated or controlled?
Jul 11, 5:47PM EDT0

*Don't stay in any abusive situation/relationship. Always reach out and ask for help if you need it.*

Here are some articles I wrote that my offer more guidance: The Use of Emotional Blackmail in a Relationship, How to Communicate Effectively to Get What You Want, and 7 Healthy Ways to Handle a Breakup.

For some relationships that are not entirely balanced, it is always a good idea to ask yourself why you are attracting this kind of reality. Is there something you need to learn or understand about yourself? Are you able to love and empower yourself with and without the relationship?

Most people are used to trauma-bonding (a bond that creates toxic cycles where you gravitate towards loving people based on them "saving you" from your own sense of victimhood) and that is the only way they know how to maintain a relationship, but that is a fear-based mentality which often times leaves you feeling disempowered.

Most often right before we get to experience a sacred partnership, we will have to experience some sort of relationship dynamic that is unhealthy so that we can learn from the experience and rise into our knowing that we do deserve more.

If anything, the best thing you can learn from feeling controlled/suffocated would be to find out where in your life you are giving away your own control. Start investing in yourself and find a passion project and/or career choice that encourages self-growth so that you can align to things that release that control from your reality.

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Jul 12, 9:54AM EDT0

How did your experience with the NYC Ballet help you gain a more spiritual appreciation of life? It's a beautiful statement and I am curious to see how your connection with artistic expression came about.

Jul 11, 4:42PM EDT0

Thank you for the lovely question! New York City Ballet was truly like my second home, as I spent many years rehearsing and performing on that stage in Lincoln Center. It was a wonderful guide for me in terms of providing me that discipline in my life and with all the beautiful music and costumes, it brought a lot of joy to all us kids and adults.

Some of the seasonal ballet productions I performed in were:

-The Nutcracker

-Sleeping Beauty

-A MidSummer Night's Dream

Here is an article I wrote for Elite Daily from a ballerinas perspective incorporating art as a guide to how anyone can gain discipline and alter the way they lead their life.

As a child I was naturally very disciplined, as it was in my nature, but ballet gave me even more of that stable foundation. Once we have that stable foundation, it becomes so much easier to evolve spiritually and "find ourselves".

I was always moving around as a child so my artistic expression was always there. I just enjoyed that energy of movement and never really labelled it or tried to force it. I think it all started when my mom put on a video at home when I was 2 years old and it was the Nutcracker Ballet. I fell in love right there, not even knowing how deep of a connection I would have in the future and right now to ballet and especially the Nutcracker :)

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Jul 13, 3:14PM EDT1

What are your favorite self care and self love rituals?

Jul 11, 4:35PM EDT0

Love this question! Some quick and easy ones:

-writing in my journal

-cleaning my room


-listening to oldies music

-a nice smoothie

-a hot bath

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Jul 12, 3:05PM EDT0

Where did your journey begin? Do you think you’ve reached your life’s purpose? Do you think we have a purpose to fulfill in life?

Jul 11, 11:25AM EDT0

Each journey is so unique and personal, filled with all kinds of events/situations/interactions that help to awaken the self. The spiritual journey is not about the standardized template of planning out a set goal, but more so involves tuning in to the heart space and uncovering what guidance is shown to you for you, so that you may progress and learn the lessons of your soul. 

If each moment is lived in the now, the only purpose we have is to fully embrace our awareness and inner truth so that we can co-create with the Universe whatever our soul desires from us.

In essence, on this journey, we are no longer influenced by people outside of ourselves. This is the first step to acknowledge towards understanding empowerment within the awakening journey.

Jul 11, 4:24PM EDT0
What kind of guidance do you offer in your email sessions?
Jul 11, 5:34AM EDT0

In my email sessions I offer guidance based on whatever your current desires/goals are in terms of how to fall in love with your life, how to create positive habits/routines, and how to unciver your passions so that you can live a life of balance within and without. Send  me an email for more personalized info!

Jul 11, 9:32AM EDT0

Are you aware of the term "kundalini awakening"? What is it and how does it help you understand self-love and love towards others?

Jul 11, 1:19AM EDT0

Yes! In the simplest terms, it is the life force of your being. The energy is carried up from the spine all the way up to the head and released within and without to help create a deep awakening.

Usually before its full activation, we go through many tests and challenges in order to give us a total break down of our old self. This breakdown helps us and humbles us into purity and love, thereby providing us the space for creating a new foundation of love towards self and others, from a space of transparency, understanding, and compassion.    

Jul 12, 9:43AM EDT0

Why do people lose their friends after a spiritual awakening? Can a person be spiritually awakened, yet still have an ego?

Jul 10, 11:32PM EDT0

A spiritual awakening filters out people and experiences for our own awareness and growth. Where once we relied on others for support, we must now learn how to stand on our own two feet and navigate our souls journey. It is empowering and creates deep healing.

Of course! Our ego is the backbone to our sense of self. However, we can implement positive ego aspects to help guide us towards inner peace. For daily updates on spirituality check out my Twitter!

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Jul 11, 9:35AM EDT0
What makes lust different from love? Can lust become love, and vice versa? Is there a link between lust and unhealthy relationships?
Jul 10, 9:49PM EDT0

I love this question! I think most of us grew up hearing the term "lust" and thinking how it sounds so dirty and just not accepted by traditional relationships. This is the energy behind it that has caused so much confusion. Take the word lust out and replace it with passion, desire, creativity, trust. These are the terms most naturally associated with true love and in building a stable foundation of authenticity within a sacred partnerhip. 

Once people begin to misuse the pureness of love and introduce a lustful mentality i.e. greed and/or service to self, that is where relationships can start getting unhealthy for yourself and your partner alike. 

Check out my Twitter where I share all the truths about true love and its deeper meaning. 

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Jul 11, 9:43AM EDT0
Why are women more determined than ever to own their own power, be heard and make a positive contribution to the world?
Jul 10, 7:33PM EDT0

Great question! I think that evolution has been slowly but surely putting forth the feminine awakening. As the feminine energy rises up to acknowledge her power, everyone can follow in accordance. Feminine energy is about nurturing, creating, manifesting. Now we can not only envision this potentiality but learn how to succesfully become that reality and strive to make more of a positive contribution to the world.

Jul 11, 12:29PM EDT0

Hi Levita. I'm curious to know how ballet played a role in your journey to awakening your divine self. Were there specific experiences that served as a catalyst to set you on your current path? 

Jul 10, 6:36PM EDT0

Thank you for the beautiful question. Ballet was probably my core to the awakening journey. Through ballet I was able to have discipline and even as a child in every rehearsal before the big stage production, I remember learning that we must work together and practice to create a true work of art.

In my older teenage years I met someone special while dancing ballet and that increased my awakening journey even more. You could say my heart was fully activated and I began seeing and experiencing life in a completely different and new way. 

Jul 12, 10:09AM EDT0
Is there a specific meditation technique that helps with awakening your divine self? What are your personal tips for achieving this divine awakening?
Jul 10, 5:37PM EDT0

My personal tips are:

-don't force your awakening

-live through your heart each day and make conscious choices

-do any form of  meditation that speaks to you (yoga, painting, singing, writing, etc.)

-eat clean foods when guided (vegan, vegetatianism, etc.)

-listen to music that specifically lifts your vibe

For specific tips on your journey feel free to follow my daily Twitter updates and/or contact me.

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Jul 11, 10:39AM EDT0
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