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Author, Blogger, Sexpert


Author, Blogger, Sexpert

Janalee Beck holds a Master's degree from Arizona State University. She has been an adjunct faculty member, a social worker, a licensed Legal Document Preparer and has held an advanced designation as a financial planner (CRPC). Beck is a published author, has shared her insights through seminars, and supports other women through networking and writing ebooks.

In 1993, Avon Books (NY) published her first book, How to Have Multiple Orgasms, about female sexuality. The book is more down-to-earth than the title suggests. It sold over 56,000 copies and was translated into Spanish & Chinese. Her newest book, Sextastic! Improve Your Love Life in Seven Weeks,  helps couples get a better love connection. It also dispels myths & misconceptions about romance & intimacy. Her books and Ebooks are available on Amazon. 

As founder of Wisdomality Enterprises, Janalee Beck promotes her website--wisewords4women.com--which is devoted to elevating the power of women to direct their life path with confidence. Her self-help eBooks on romance, personal transformation & parenting offer practical ways to create a healthy self-image. 

She has two millennial children, Grant and Janelle, who are treasured pieces of her heart walking around the world. She makes her home in Scottsdale Arizona and enjoys traveling, swimming, piano, fascial stretch therapy, playing poker, reading, meditation, games, and visiting family. 


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