Theo Meijer

Wedding photographer


Wedding photographer

Wedding photographer on Curacao, Caribbean. Well known in the LGBT scene for Weddings. photographer in The Netherlands Antilles, Curacao. specializes in Weddings, Real Estate and Interior.Fanpage at: till 2004 I was not active in photography. Born in 1952 I grew up in the Netherlands and pursued a career in the hospitality and international sales industry after finishing my studies in Hotelmanagement (The Hague, 1974). Whether it was a mid life crisis or something else, but in my early fifties I felt the need to be creative. As I am a hard core realist I chose photography: picturing the world, things, people as they appear for my camera. At first I started with fashion photography, creating pictures in a controlled setting. But soon I took my camera with me out in the open.Have been chosen as Best Photographer In Curacao for 2015, 2016 and 2017.


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